Founded in 2015, Empowered in My Skin is an organization that has actualized an inner desire that both founders, Jully Black and Nkechi Nwafor-Robinson, share to help other women around the globe live purposefully in the comfort of their own skin. After both experiencing and growing through some of the toughest experiences as girls, young ladies, and then women, they decided it was high time to trade in their pain for passion and soar into their purpose.


Our Mission


At Empowered in My Skin, our mission is to provide women with tangible actions they can use to understand, erase and maximize their true potential. Our aim is to empower women by helping them tap into their unique intuitive talents, individuality, and unlimited creative potential; with the ultimate goal of helping them to become true leaders in every aspect of their lives.


Our Core Values


Empowered in My Skin was founded on the principles that:

  • EVERY WOMAN has the ability and potential to become her own SheRO and SheEO
  • EVERY WOMAN can lead with her life by leading with her S.H.A.P.E.
  • EVERY WOMAN has a unique combination of capabilities that enable her to succeed
  • EVERY WOMAN has the power to break through every 'Glass Ceiling' that stands in the way of her success

Here are some of the testimonies from past SheROs and SheEOs!


"Really powerful and touching. I think the message that you and your co-speakers had was a most important one for the audience of newcomer women. Feel empowered now, be confident in yourself, now!"



"It is always inspiring to attend such events which make you realize your own worth and potential. Jully's performance made it all the more heartening."



"Thank you for your tremendous generosity and commitment to positively impacting the lives of so many people. The team was outstanding in this up close and personal event."



Hold Your Power. Stand in Your S.H.A.P.E — The Emotional and Financial Fitness Weekend


May 2018, we gave you what you need to unleash the power of your S.H.A.P.E in your workplace and place of business. Now we want you to start applying it on a daily basis with your finances and emotions. We want to get your finances and emotions in S.H.A.P.E.


We are coming back with a weekend, and our focus is on the health of your finances and emotions. This event is for everyone! Male or Female! We can all us an financial and emotional tune-up and turn-up! The strength of your finances and the level of your emotional capacity have a significant impact on your potential and personal performance and will dictate how you treat those close to you, in your workplace, or even a complete stranger.


Along with you, we will dig into our financial knowledge and management skills, and explore how we show up emotionally in our experiences. This weekend will leave you refreshed and renewed, with a new outlook and updated vision for your life.