EIMS Founder & CEO

Nkechi is an experienced Information Technology professional with more than 20 years in the I.T. space, she has held a variety of progressively senior roles within various organizations. Most recently, she is a Technology Executive at one of Canada's largest financial institution -- but this is not all. Nkechi is an entrepreneur, author, professional bodybuilder and inspirational speaker, whose "You Matter" speech went viral with over 5M views, and shared over 10,000 times, worldwide. She has a magnetic personality that serves everyone she meets in the most uplifting way.


A graduate of Concordia University, she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics, with a minor in Computer Science. In addition, she completed a Financial Acumen Executive MBA Program at Rotman's School of Management.


An advocate for helping others, she is founder and CEO of Empowered In My Skin (EIMS) Inc., a grassroot organization that is focused on Personal Brand development, helping people maximize their true potential and become leaders in every aspect of their lives. She runs workshops, delivers talks, organizes and hosts motivational events in support of this objective. She launched a podcast, February 2020, called "Own Your Thrive", which is available on most Podcast apps.


EIMS Inc. is a catalyst for change, transformation, and empowerment. Getting people to think in a way that is empowering is the lead domino that has an impact on the world.


Founded in November 2014, birthed in a time where Nkechi (the Founder) was finally able to express the love she had for the skin she was in. Not wanting to be alone in this glory, she decided to create a platform that she could use to shine light on other amazing humans who have influenced her in a positive way because of their love for the skin they are in. 


EIMS began with one community event, she promoted, and 38 women showed up and she never looked back. She organized another event April 2015, and the audience size grew, which bolstered her confidence that she was onto something meaningful and sustainable. 


Coming out of the April event, she joined forces with her best friend, Miss Jully Black, a Canadian Icon, and they have been co-partnering on Women empowerment events ever since. The strength of Jully’s brand, and their unique friendship helped to further build the brand and subsequent events were sold out in the 100’s.


EIMS's main objective is to grow into a brand that is a catalyst for real change, transformation, and empowerment. Getting people to think in a way that is empowering creates a rippling effect that has an impact on the world.


Beyond the empowerment events, Nkechi is now building EIMS Inc., as a Personal Brand company. Personal Brand and Inclusion & Diversity are areas of focus for her. She is marrying this love and creating a personal brand development formula for humans everywhere that when plugged into will build the type of character that can withstand any life shifts and still operate from a place of clarity.

EIMS Mission

To help empower humans everywhere, regardless of their circumstance, in a sustainable way.

EIMS Values

Be Convinced  •  Be Relentless  •  Be Patient  •  Be Positioned